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Gi-ovoGI-OVO – successor of Twinpack Special Products – is a young and dynamic company based in the city of Barneveld in The Netherlands. The company designs, creates and produces logistic solutions as well as packaging dedicated for the egg industry. With the support of local partners, we have a global focus. In 2015 Belview decided to move from cardboard trays to reusable plastic trays for our egg production sites. From then on all our producers were supplied with plastic trays for the inward collection of eggs. This has played a vital role in reducing both Belview’s and its producer’s cardboard consumption. To date Belview are the only packing centre in the republic that have moved completely over to plastic trays.

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NRG PanelNRG Panel are one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of solar panels and renewable energy solutions in Ireland. Our products are the latest in energy technology which are sourced direct from Germany and work perfectly with the Irish climate. Established in 2015, NRG Panel headquarters is based in Doohamlet, Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan.

In March 2015 Belview installed 2 solar panel units which generate all the hot water required for the packing centre. Then in May 2017 we decided to move the factory, and any surplus power of the farm, over to complete solar power energy. 400 solar panels were installed onto the roofs of the hen houses and the objective is to run both the factory and the farm completely on our own electricity during day light hours. This is achievable throughout the summer months whereby we are using either very little ESB or none, so in fact completely self-sufficient. During the darker months it is harder to generate electricity but once there is some sun then it reduces the amount of electricity we must buy.

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MobaMoba is the leading manufacturer of grading, packing and processing equipment in the egg industry. Founded in 1947, Moba has grown to be a large company, with a global team of 700 dedicated employees. All professionals in their own area of expertise. Moba has offices around the world and an extensive network of agents. Moba’s headquarters are located in Barneveld in the Netherlands. The company’s name is derived from its founder Job Mosterd and his beloved town of Barneveld. This highly dedicated man was passionate about machinery and cherished his most treasured asset – his employees.

In 2013 Belview upgraded their Omnia 85 grader too the Omnia 330 which is equipped with a state-of-the-art automatic crack, blood and dirt detection systems and also a U.V disinfection unit. In early 2017 Belview agreed to work with Moba to help, through feedback, on the production of iMoba. The egg grader produces a considerable amount of data, iMoba collects this data enabling the user to create reports automatically. Whether used on a tablet, desktop computer or even a smartphone, a quick reference dashboard shows the current status of our operation at a glance. The Performance Pro module allows you to zoom in and instantly create fully up-to-date reports – wherever you are.

Moba Tray Washer
Moba Egg Grader

When Belview changed over from cardboard to plastic trays we also invested in a MOBA tray washing machine so that our trays are washed after every use and maintaining our high hygiene standards. The benefits of both the plastic trays and the washer are that they are more environmentally friendly than the standard cardboard trays due to the products intended life spam. The average cardboard tray would have to be disposed of once an egg had been broken on it and had a maximum of 5 uses, now with our reusable plastic trays that is simply no longer a problem as the tray is washed and not thrown away after use. It has had a dramatic impact on our waste and we were able to reduce our bins from 12 to 6, so effectively we have reduced our recycling waste by half.

Our technology

During Belview’s 9th extension to the packing centre we installed a Moba MR12 and Moba Double Case Erector. The MR12 is a Twin Case Packer robotic system especially designed for the high demanding market in the egg industry. A special and unique feature of the MR12 is the ability to process 2 independent products. Both channels of the MR12 can operate independently what makes this system very flexible. By using both channels on different grades, a very high and constant throughput in relation to floor space can be reached. The case erector is fitted to the end of the MR12, it erects and glues the boxes then automatically feeds them through into the MR12.

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MR12 Casepacker