Essentially, quality is the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind and at Belview Eggs we take no short cuts in ensuring that each one of our eggs come out on top.

We have a fully integrated quality system that ensures all our eggs are sourced, produced and packed to the same highest standard of quality and safety with full traceability. Our production and packing systems are operated to a high standard in all aspects of our activities including health and safety, quality, GMP and food safety regulations.

We source eggs from Bord Bia approved suppliers only and are fully committed to the requirements of the Bord Bia Sustainable Egg Assurance Scheme.

As an approved packing centre under Bord Bia, we carry out monthly farm audits on all of our producers to ensure all of our producer’s farms are Salmonella free, that the requirements of the Bord Bia SEAS for producers are being met and that animal welfare is fulfilled.

The Quality Process

Step 1. Sourcing – farmers and packaging

Step 2. Processing – minimal, top of range grader

Step 3. Delivering our product

Quality Checks

Auto Candling (examines internal and external egg factors)

This is a process that detects defects in eggs such as cracks and meat spots, determining the good and bad eggs. The eggs roll as light passes through them so the entire egg is examined. The light makes the smallest cracks in the egg visible and allows dirt, stains and rough eggs to be identified. Defective eggs are detected and either downgraded as class B or rejected. All other eggs that pass the quality check are grade A eggs, the eggs that reach consumers.


Each grade A egg is then weighed individually and packed accordingly. The size grade given to an egg is determined by its weight.


The eggs are coded with food grade ink. Coding is an integral part of the over all quality system as details in the egg code enable traceability right back to the farm the eggs came from. Each producing house has its own farm code.